The privacy of our users is important to us, for good reasons. Below is a list of the types of data we store or process and for what purposes it is collected and processed. Some services we operate collect additional data, which are then listed additionally.

By using our websites and services you agree to these data protection regulations and the respective general terms and conditions or terms of service.

Data deletion and inspection

An insight or request for deletion can be made via e-mail or telephone. Evidence is required to ensure your identity and to collect data from our systems. All applications are normally processed within 14 days. A telephone number can be found in our imprint, a special e-mail contact exists at

As part of our backup strategy, encrypted data is transferred to third parties. Due to the technical implementation, data in our backups are not deleted but are made unusable as part of the normal cycle after 1 month. If we restore data, we will consider your request for deletion and delete the data again within 14 days.

General data storage

  • your IP address, port number and other connection data
    • We have to process your IP address and store it for a short time in order to display web pages.
    • In addition, your IP address is stored in our log files for 7 days as part of network security.
    • The protocol used (HTTPS, HTTP, SSH or TCP) is also logged and deleted after 7 days.
  • Cookies that are required for operation
    • Cookies are essential for the operation of a website with interactive content.
    • If you register on one of our websites, cookies will be used to save the session.
    • The cookies are not used for tracking identifiable persons or passed on to third parties.
  • Data you enter into our services
    • Some services such as our Git Server accept user data for permanent storage
    • You have control over this data at all times and can delete or restrict access to it independently.
  • Browser settings and data
    • Some websites log performance data and simple analytical data
    • This data is not stored in any personal frames and is not used for tracking or tracing user activities.
    • This data is used exclusively for performance diagnostics and user statistics.

People under the age of 16, people under the age of 13

Our services do not collect any additional data in addition to that specified in this Privacy Policy. Parents are encouraged to monitor their children's use of our services.

Persons under the age of 13 are not permitted on our services unless a parent gives permission to use them.

What We Do Not Do

We do not send data to third parties or store personal data beyond what is necessary. There is no monitoring or tracking.

  • stores the last IP you have logged in with for up to 7 days for network protection reasons
  • Data you enter on will be sent depending on the setting to third parties who are not in the EU or under EU law are or adhere to GDPR/DSGVO
  • You can prevent data from being passed on to third parties, but this limits the scope of the instance.
  • Due to the nature of the service and the transfer of data, it is mandatory to restrict the service if you do not agree to transfer data to third parties.

Third party privacy policy

Some of our services transfer personal data to third parties. Except in the case of the service, they fall under the same data protection regulations or receive only encrypted data for which a data protection regulation of third parties is not necessary.

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